Love your agent!

June 3rd, 2011
This week I received a great letter from one of our Band Leaders on the Cunard fleet.   I thought it was important to share because recruiters work very hard in the background to find specific work that suits a candidate.  In a given week, our recruiters talk, listen to, research, and evaluate hundreds of individuals, and only a few end up materializing into concrete employment.  Believe me, it’s hard work, and a lot of it happens behind the scene.  When this work is recognized as the best in the industry, I feel it’s worth it to post it here as follows.  Thank you Fred for taking the time.  Wow!  Great work, Carl.
Dear Sir,
My name is Fred Schactler. I’ve been working in the cruise industry for 25 years as a guest artist and music director / bandmaster.  I’m writing to tell you that your agent, Carl Girard, is the best representation I’ve had in my cruise career.
He’s respectful and he listens. He’s informed and able to answer my questions. He understands what I want and calls me when he has something that fits.
He communicates well; answering emails and returning phone calls promptly.
He has my complete confidence and I’m thankful to have him representing me.
Fred Schactler

Time Of My Life

May 23rd, 2011

Throughout my career as founder of Proship Entertainment, I’ve been asked countless of times: “Did you ever worked on ships yourself?”  The answer is: yes and I had the time of my life.  In fact I had so much fun, I started this company whilst onboard my first vessel, in cabin CW-8 of the SS Amerikanis.  During the two-day crossings between New York City and St-Georges in Bermuda, I was able to borrow the purser’s typewriter to put together our company’s first agreements, procedures and correspondence. Read the rest of this entry »

From the subway to the sea

March 21st, 2011

In 1986, I was a struggling saxophone player in New York City, going from audition to audition, joining every rehearsal big band I could find, willing to perform any kind of gig from weddings to jazz gigs, from salsa to rock and roll.  I was a sax mercenary, trying to establish myself.  My first job in the Big Apple was literally underground, part of an eight-piece blues band performing for donations in the Union Square subway station.  To make ends meet I was also selling Christmas trees at my neighbourhood kiosk.   Not exactly the glamorous life I had envisioned. Read the rest of this entry »