Cruise Line Volunteers Aid More European Communities

May 31st, 2012

Press Release

Crystal Cruises‘ volunteers to aid more needy European communities In 2012

Crystal Cruises continues to expand its complimentary “You Care, We Care” voluntourism program with new opportunities for guests and crew to give back in Europe.

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Proship is hiring recruiters

May 4th, 2012

2011-2012 has been a great year for Proship Entertainment.  We closed our fiscal year on March 31st 2012 with a revenue growth of 17% over the previous year.  That means a combination of 17% more jobs and better salaries for our musicians located all over the world.

The secret of our success is partially due to our NO COMMISION, NO FEE, NO COST policy towards 99% of our musicians.  The corporations pay us a fee directly over and above the musician salary.  This unique policy attracts the top talent, and therefore our clients benefit from the quality of individuals we have to offer.  Why pay for an agent when you can get everything for free?  In addition, who else in our business has twelve professional entertainment performers working as recruiters,  a dedicated contracting department whose sole purpose is to help you get all the paperwork sorted and a 24/7 helpline for travel emergencies?  The answer is no else, and that’s part of the reason for our success.

Another for our success is our amazing in-house staff.  In order to answer the increasing demand of the entertainment industry for Proship’s top talent, we are currently hiring recruiters for the Montreal office.  If you have this inner drive to help musicians in their careers, live in Montreal, are a professional musician yourself, fluent in English with phone work experience, CALL US because we want to talk to you.  Seize this opportunity to join our company on this journey.

Daniel Thibault, Chief Executive Officer

‘Grand Princess’ will be based in San Francisco following extensive renovation

May 4th, 2012
Press Release
Thursday, May 03, 2012
‘Grand Princess’: Photo credit Geograph CCL Stan Lewis
Princess Cruises has announced that for the first time it will base a ship in San Francisco year round, beginning in May 2013.The extensively renovated Grand Princess will first offer a series of Alaska cruises during the summer months from the “City by the Bay,” followed by a schedule of Hawaiian Islands, Mexico and the California Coast sailings during the fall 2013 to spring 2014 season. Read the rest of this entry »

Be a ship musician!

March 16th, 2012

e are all told at one point in our lives that we possess certain gifts. Whether it is in the arts, sciences, business or humanities, we all have an instinct or natural proclivity towards something. If you’re reading this, you most likely have a proclivity for music. You’ve spent years honing your skills to a level that you and others (mainly teachers and peers) deem as praiseworthy and your main goal, your modus operandi, is to channel your passion towards an audience that will appreciate your talent.  That is the main reason why many of us aspire to play in big bands and jazz orchestras in the first place.  However, it becomes rather easy to lose hope when opportunity does not present itself at your door. Some of us fear taking the plunge and taking opportunity that requires small sacrifices. This is usually the case when accepting a gig on a cruise ship. We set sail for months and leave everything behind. We disconnect from what we know as home and friends for a life that we are not familiar with. But the fact remains that music is meant to be shared. Read the rest of this entry »

Playing for a Living

September 29th, 2011

Frequently, I speak to musicians who are doing much more than just playing in order to earn a living.  A lot of them are teaching, composing, or working day jobs just to keep the income coming in.  Don’t get me wrong, there are many that for whom teaching is a passion, and it’s more of a career to them than playing.  But there are also many that see their teaching gigs as a ‘necessary evil’ just to keep a paycheck coming in.  A lot of musicians turn to ship gigs because they’re tired of the rat race.  Tired of bratty kids or tired of the 9 to 5.  It’s definitely not for everyone.  Not everyone’s personal situation allows the flexibility to get out of town for 6 months at a time, but for those that are able, the chance to play every day in a professional setting is the opportunity that they’ve been waiting for.

Greg Buckles, Account Manager

Back On Bass, James Hill standing tall

September 26th, 2011

On July 13th at 10pm, James Allen Hill passed away in the company of his family, at age 49.  For those of you that knew him, you knew how talented a bass player he was.  I interviewed James personally around 1988 and rated him a 5/5 at the time.  His kind of talent is exactly what we seek, so Proship hired James on his first cruise ship gig with Chandris Fantasy Cruises.  Subsequently James Allen Hill became a regular ship musician working for Celebrity, Carnival, Crystal, Disney, Norwegian Caribbean, Princess and Regent Seven Sea Cruises.

I’d like to share his talent with you so his memory lives on:


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Proship is hiring with support from NRC

September 8th, 2011

For the second year in a row, the National Research Council of Canada, is supporting Proship in the hiring of a newly graduated software developer under the YES program. For more information follow the link:

Back in the high life again

September 5th, 2011

The solitude and confinement of my soloist job on Carnival are the hardest emotional obstacles I have ever encountered. Learning to be “alone”has been quite a journey. But here are the perks.

  • The Money:  I started at a rate of pay that was $400 a month higher after taxes, than my day job, and that was after working at the clinic for 8 years.  I am completely out of debt and saved almost 10 grand in the last 6 months, compared to my 401 matching at MHCD that provided 7 grand which took 8 years to accumulate.
  • Medical coverage: There is 24 hour medical staff on board. During my first contract I had to have my big toe operated on, I had the same procedure performed on my other toe, by my primary care doc, the ship doc did just as good a job. I am required to pass a physical exam every two years, which I have passed easily. If health issues arise while working on the ship, the ship’s medical staff will address it, if they are not equipped to deal with it, you will treated at a shore side clinic or hospital, during which you will continue to draw full pay, until recovered. My good friend went in for his two year exam, they found a large tumor in his colon, it was removed before it could spread, he is doing fine, but without the Carnival exam, he would probably be dead now. Read the rest of this entry »

Growth in the Cruise Industry Sector

June 21st, 2011


According to figures issued today in Brussels by the European Cruise Council, at the official presentation of the sixth edition of the annual report of the European Cruise Contribution, for the year 2010, the European cruise industry continues to provide a major contribution to Europe’s economy as a whole.  The cruise industry is the only area of the tourism sector that is enjoying substantial growth:  last year there were some 5.5 million European cruisers (a 10% increase compared to 2009), which works out to approximately 30% of cruise passengers worldwide (18.8 million cruisers).  The EU countries with the most cruisers are the UK (1.6 million), Germany (1.2 million), Italy (around 890,000) and Spain (645,000).

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Love your agent!

June 3rd, 2011
This week I received a great letter from one of our Band Leaders on the Cunard fleet.   I thought it was important to share because recruiters work very hard in the background to find specific work that suits a candidate.  In a given week, our recruiters talk, listen to, research, and evaluate hundreds of individuals, and only a few end up materializing into concrete employment.  Believe me, it’s hard work, and a lot of it happens behind the scene.  When this work is recognized as the best in the industry, I feel it’s worth it to post it here as follows.  Thank you Fred for taking the time.  Wow!  Great work, Carl.
Dear Sir,
My name is Fred Schactler. I’ve been working in the cruise industry for 25 years as a guest artist and music director / bandmaster.  I’m writing to tell you that your agent, Carl Girard, is the best representation I’ve had in my cruise career.
He’s respectful and he listens. He’s informed and able to answer my questions. He understands what I want and calls me when he has something that fits.
He communicates well; answering emails and returning phone calls promptly.
He has my complete confidence and I’m thankful to have him representing me.
Fred Schactler